Essex Group 5

Ashford Cup Selection

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2019 Ashford Cup Team
Sunday 19th May v Group 4 @ 10:00am at Kings Chase B.C.

Lead Ted Kerr (Hainault) Lead David Ward (Ford Sports)
2 Gary Burns (Wansted Central) 2 Peter Cybuch (Wansted)
3 Jim Cossington (Old Dagenham) 3 Dennis Ledger (Ford Sports)
Skip John Mara (Old Dagenham) Skip Kevin Reid (Woodford)

Lead Paul Nelson (Old Dagenham) Lead David Ward (Aldersbrook)
2 Yan Michael (Wansted Central) 2 Bernard Wanger (South Woodford)
3 Les Crowther (Ford Sports) 3 Alex Mair (Woodford)
Skip Brian Powell (Wansted Central) Skip Neil Whiteside (Woodford)

Lead Reg Martin (Old Dagenham) Lead Gerry Weiland (Ford Sports)
2 John McAndrews (Wansted Central) 2 Ian Coalbran (Ford Sports)
3 Philip Fagelson (Wanstead Central) 3 Maurice Bitton (Wansted Central)
Skip Chris Newman (Aldersbrook) Skip Bob Chandler (Wansted)

Reserves: Dave Paton (Aldersbrook) Alan Tetlow (Aldersbrook)
Eric Brown (Hainault) Mark Newman (Wanstead Central)
Terry Ryan (Wansted Central)

Bowls on the green by 9.30am.

The Dress Code is:
a) Before and after the match:- Blazer, grey trousers, white shirt with Group 5 tie.
b) For the match:- Whites trousers, white shirt with Group 5 tie and white shoes.

Note: Group 5 ties can be purchased at a cost of £8.00 from Keith Riley